Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival

The Eighteenth Annual Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival in New York took place on Saturday, August 2nd and on Sunday, August 3rd of this year. It took place and people were treated with spectacles of 150+local and out-of-town teams, who raced across Meadow Lake in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, to compete for the 2008 Dragon Boat Championships. It was a sporting event, a celebration and a cultural phenomenon. This Festival, showcased traditional Chinese Arts including the Dragon Dance, Folk Dance and Music, Arts and Crafts, as well as many other multicultural entertainments.

Monday, August 25, 2008


2008/08/24 TVB 360o 音樂無邊

* 城城用三,四年作呢首歌
* 混入山歌元素

together together together
我們約定了你 愛愛到北京
北京奧運聖火 燦爛 艷陽
友誼的光彩 已經感動我的心
我快樂高歌 唱出我心中喜(e)悅
更美麗 更美麗
你對我 我對你 高歌
中國人 中國心
you are my pride
you are my pride
you are my pride
五千年的成長 五千年的光彩
振奮五湖四海 顯歡欣
together together together
同一個夢想 同一個笑容
forever memories forever memories
olympic olympic

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalries 黑糖群俠傳

YouTube Taiwan most viewed video
The Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalries 黑糖群俠傳


二軍還要接受樂器訓練 這段時間是很辛苦的


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hong Kong YouTube most viewed video 2008-08-22模范棒棒堂 極感人的畢業禮物交換(下) 最令底迪難捨的棒棒堂回憶

Hong Kong YouTube most viewed video
極感人的畢業禮物交換(下) 最令底迪難捨的棒棒堂回憶

我愛黑澀會 我爱黑涩会 容嘉 黑人 陳建州 祐祐 瑤瑤 薔薔 A-so albee taco 菀菀 娉娉 甜兒 陶子 糖果 辛靜 阿侃 豆腐 玉兔 洪詩 吳克群 威廉 Kenji

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

[OPV]ラスト・フレンズ 2話 - Nishikido R (YOUTUBE HONGKONG)

[OPV]ラスト・フレンズ 2話 - Nishikido R
ラスト・フレンズ 第2話 PV

Sunday, May 4, 2008

我愛黑澀會-(2008 May 2)-醜小鴨也能女大十八變_1

我愛黑澀會-(2008 May 2)-醜小鴨也能女大十八變_1
娛樂百分百20080503我家也有大明星_薛凱琪 part1

YOUTUBE HONG KONG: 徐子珊露紅底迎奧運 @ 香港全民迎聖火 2-5-2008

Youtube Hong Kong
徐子珊露紅底迎奧運 @ 香港全民迎聖火 2-5-2008

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

2008年04月27日 星期日

恶作剧2吻 They Kiss Again Episode 20 Part 1 of 8
2008年04月27日 星期日

Youtube Hong Kong most viewed video

Youtube Hong Kong most viewed video
恶作剧2吻 They Kiss Again Episode 20 Part 8 of 8
They Kiss Again Episode 20 Part 8 of 8
Final Episode (大结局)

Youtube Hong Kong: 敦沛證券潘鐵珊

Youtube Hong Kong: 敦沛證券潘鐵珊
YouTube most viewed video
Gentlemen only!
Forget abou the attorney general and jeremias wright !
Miley Cyrus isn't here either
This is a Viagra Trojan horse !!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

香城 Hong Kong Youtube most viewed video

2008年04月26日 星期六 (較少資訊)
Hong Kong Youtube most viewed video

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Youtube Hong Kong most viewed video


Forget about exill polls, the Milan Arsenal match, motricity and the iphone. What you really should care about is Obama's comeback, Gary Gygax and memek technology. Have you seen Serena Kozakura's latter Youtube video? Oh, boy, I've told you to cut down all that Ron Paul, Google Earth and bakkbone news ! Authority and Safemonger 2030? Oooops !

A Japanese pin-up model has had a legal verdict overturned after successfully arguing her breasts were too big to allow her to squeeze through a hole a man alleged she used to gain entry into his room.

Serena Kozakura was convicted last year of property destruction after a man accused her of kicking in his door and crawling inside to confront him about his activities with another woman.

Kozakura won her appeal Monday after the Tokyo High Court agreed her 44-inch bust was indeed too large for her to gain entry through the hole.

"I used to hate my body so much," she told local media, according to the report. "But it was my breasts," she said, that won in court.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Youtube video you can't miss

I mean, if you think about John Picacio and his chumby wife in the Oscars awards, or stage6, or Sarkozy's pauvre con, you'll find out that Jawatan Kosong, his massage
is not backbone software, nor woidget. If Edison Chen is risponsable for your education, then you're in trouble, dude- Check out Google and search for your
bloglines and a nader or anything else.

Youtube most viewed video of the day

2 mins in you get a star studded video w/ Ben Affleck and Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford, Cameron Diaz, Joan Jett, Macy Gray, Robin Williams, Don Cheadle, Pete Wentz, Perry Farrell, Benji and Joel Madden, Lance Bass, Huey Lewis, Josh Groban, McLovin, Christina Applegate, Rebecca Romijn, and Dominic Monaghan, and Meatloaf and probably a few more.
Youtube video

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Youtube Hong Kong: Fiona 新增時間: 2008年02月23日 星期六 當眾俾人咁樣攻擊侮辱,都唔知咩事受到委屈所以喊,女仔受驚喊有咩出奇,佢笑扮晒冇事,你又話佢假o者

Youtube Hong Kong: Fiona
新增時間: 2008年02月23日 星期六

Youtube down?

Youtube down? Bahh
Check out this week's most viewed video
Spice Girls Live - Mama featuring Cruz Beckham Break Dancing

Youtube Hong Kong most viewed video

Youtube most viewed video: Da SIlva injury
Ida Nerina, Angelina Jolie, Patrick Dempsey? Buff!
Forget about Edison Chen, Vanessa Minnillo, and Kurtlar Vadisi.
Here's Arsenal vs Birmingham Premiership

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Youtube Hong Kong most viewed video

Don (danny mcbride) from Drillbit Taylor explains why he's so... sexy?
Vicki Iseman, Microsoft and the lunar eclipse? What's there to see about it?
Grab your iphone, check your finances and stop worrying about Edison Chen, McCain or Gene Simmons. Myspace Singapore is coming, yoo hah !
Youtube most viewed video

陳冠希道歉記者會片段0221佢話要退出娛樂圈,好野唔使再見到佢 Hong Kong Youtube most viewed video

Hong Kong Youtube most viewed video

Tuesday, February 5, 2008



SeeHaHa 小电视] 星火电视台-蓝色飞扬→郭富城郑秀文周杰伦F4 陈冠希
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星火电视台-蓝色飞扬→郭富城郑秀文周杰伦F4 陈冠希 ... 西部星火传媒为泾川一中心理咨询网、星火地带、星火电台和星火电视台的唯一网站发布机构! 加为好友 | 订阅RSS ...
www.seehaha.com/play/9398 - 51k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this
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关于星火电视台-蓝色飞扬→郭富城郑秀文周杰伦 的搜索结果 ... QQ群:20145773 电话:0755-83953811 富码电视 意见反馈 粤ICP备06000547号.
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陈冠希: Blogs, Photos, Videos and more on Technorati
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f4,; 星火电视台-蓝色飞扬→郭富城郑秀文周杰伦 .... 说那样大地回春,虽然滞留在火车站乐观的人们辞了旧却迎不来新,虽然广大淫民辞去了周正龙却迎来了陈冠希,虽然… ...
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星火电视台-蓝色飞扬→郭富城郑秀文周杰伦F4 陈冠希作者:星火电视台简介星火电视台-蓝色飞扬→郭富城郑秀文周杰伦F4 陈冠希.
www.podlook.com/item/835579 - 15k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this
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星火电视台-我的肚子怕考试; 星火电视台-爱琴海; 星火电视台-christina_genie; 星火电视台-蓝色飞扬→郭富城郑秀文周杰伦F4 陈冠... 星火电视台-李圣杰→痴心绝对. ...
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陳冠希 原名陳興華)

陳冠希(Edison Chen,1980年10月7日-,原名陳興華),生於加拿大渥太華,籍貫中國上海市,香港年輕歌手及演員,現為多媒體公司Clot Media Division的行政總裁,2004年創立CLOT[1],同時亦為時裝店Juice的老闆,專售與著名牌子合作之潮流服飾。


* 1 介紹
o 1.1 Hip hop 文化
o 1.2 電影方面
* 2 是非
o 2.1 收白粉事件
o 2.2 街頭襲擊
o 2.3 踢的士門事件
o 2.4 豔照網上流傳事件
* 3 主演的電影
* 4 註腳
* 5 參見
* 6 外部連結

[編輯] 介紹

[編輯] Hip hop 文化

雖然不少樂隊如LMF多年前已經在香港推廣Hip hop音樂文化,但亦未能興起。於2004年,陳冠希專注發展hip hop 歌曲,推出大碟《Please steal this album》,令人耳目一新,大眾認為陳冠希能將hip hop與廣東流行曲融合成為主流的流行曲,代表作有《香港地》。2005年他推出另一hip hop大碟《HAZY》,其中歌曲《嘥氣》(嘥氣為香港用詞,意指浪費氣力),講述他遇襲經過,其他多首歌曲亦包括他對社會文化的看法。

[編輯] 電影方面




[編輯] 是非


[編輯] 收白粉事件

[編輯] 街頭襲擊

2004年3 月15日,陳冠希於鬧巿中被兩名15至17歲的菲律賓籍青年襲擊。當他前往於香港中環的髮型店時,兩名菲律賓青年嘲笑他的舞姿,嘲笑他完全不是Hip Hop的材料,並出言挑釁,後兩名少年於推倒陳冠希,亦毆打他,陳冠希完全沒有能力反擊,據陳冠希後述,有一名手持相機的女記者在場,但她卻視若無睹。陳冠希曾躲進相熟的中環髮型屋內找幫手,當兩名青年想逃走時,陳冠希在中環鬧巿中追捕他們。據他所說,當時在街道上,是完全沒有巿民協助攔截。最後兩名少年走上巴士,陳冠希即時攔截巴士,最終他們於巴士上被捕。事後於記者會上表示不追究兩名少年[4][5][6]。

[編輯] 踢的士門事件


[編輯] 豔照網上流傳事件



1月28日下午,英皇娛樂集團刊出聲明,辯稱有關鍾欣桐的照片是移花接木,並就事件向警方備案,及委託律師跟進[8] [9]。同日下午,一張藝人陳文媛與陳冠希口交的艷照於網上流傳,使艷照風波越鬧越大。相片背景更與陳冠希刊登在網誌上的「私房照」極相似。有報章事前曾接獲一名神秘男子來電,聲稱友人拾獲手機後發現該批照片,更開價十萬售賣。鑑於事態嚴重,英皇娛樂集團已報警處理,事件男主角陳冠希更言明誓必追究,然而於1月29日當晚陳冠希即被公司安排離港[10][11][12]。



[編輯] 主演的電影

* 逃亡者 (2000年)
* 特警新人類 (2000年)
* 願望樹 (2001年)
* 玉女添丁 (2001年)
* 愛君如夢 (2001年)
* 想飛 (2002年)
* 九個女仔一隻鬼 (2002年)
* 無間道 (2002年)
* 千機變 (2003年)
* 飛龍再生 (2003年,客串)
* 無間道2 (2003年)
* 絕種鐵金剛 (2003年)
* 無間道3 (2003年,客串)
* 性感都巿 (2004年)
* 新紮師兄 (2004年)
* 時差7小時 (2004年,英國及中國上映)
* 江湖 (2004年)
* A1 頭條 (2004年)
* 頭文字D (2005年)
* 狗咬狗 (2006年)
* 不死咒怨2 (2006年)
* 破事兒 (2007年)
* 神鎗手
* 跳出去
* 蝙蝠俠:黑夜之神(客串)

[編輯] 註腳

1. ↑ 陳冠希埋怨英皇抽佣太高 26歲CEO進軍娛樂大亨,明報,2007年2月13日
2. ↑ 口靚仔闖江湖 乜都夠膽搏 Edison拖狗交歡Vs樂仔摸女狂咀《蘋果日報 (香港)》2004年3月14日
3. ↑ 刪人獸交戲份內地依然禁映 志偉江湖遇險蝕千三萬《蘋果日報 (香港)》2004年4月28日
4. ↑ 中拳倒地 負傷攔巴士 擒兩少年 陳冠希中環被狂毆《蘋果日報 (香港)》2004年3月16日
5. ↑ 陳冠希發佈會談被毆經過 最怒路人袖手旁觀網易新聞 2004年3月17日
6. ↑ 陳冠希交待遭毆打經過 可氣鬧市被打無人救(圖)Tom娛樂 2004年3月17日
7. ↑ 陳冠希踢的士簽保守行為 要求加錢爭縮短期限被拒,明報,2007年5月12日
8. ↑ 陳冠希鍾欣桐激情照瘋傳 疑似網友惡搞 ─ 網易娛樂,2008年1月28日
9. ↑ 網上流傳藝人裸照英皇報警 ─ 明報,2008年1月28日
10. ↑ 疑陳冠希阿嬌BoBo「床照」曝光
11. ↑ 鍾欣桐、陳冠希「淫照」曝光 警方科技罪案組網上追查《蘋果日報 (香港)》2008年1月29日 A1版
12. ↑ MC談裸照前言不對後語 《星島日報》 2008年1月31日
13. ↑ 星島日報 2008-2-4 裸照風波 受害女主角超過10人

[編輯] 參見

* 農夫 (樂隊)

[編輯] 外部連結

* 陳冠希搜明星星窩
* 陳冠希國際聯盟論壇
* 陳冠希CN站
* http://edisonchen.whdot.com 網站在愛迪生・陳在英語和法語
* 陳冠希網站目錄

Edison Chen biggest scandal ever


Edison Chen, Bobo Chan, Gillian Chung and Cecilia Cheung embroiled in Hong Kong's biggest sex photo scandal ever


edisonchenscandal.jpgWARNING: Images after the jump are NOT safe for work (unless you happen to be a blogger working from home)

Hong Kong celebrities Edison Chen (陈冠希), Bobo Chan (陈文媛), Gillian Chung (钟欣桐) and Cecilia Cheung (张柏芝) are currently embroiled in an embarrassing sex photo scandal that has whipped up a storm in the territory and the rest of the Chinese-speaking world. It all started on 27 January when various photographs of people resembling the above-named celebrities were all posted one after the other including the Hong Kong Discussion Forum and free.photo.girls.hk.

As ESWN points out, the pictures were released in a phased rollout, leaving eager netizens "waiting all night and all day at the various bulletin board systems in Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China". Chung's company, Emperor Entertainment, soon declared the pictures to be photoshopped fakes and Ming Pao Daily News, Apple Daily, Oriental Daily News and The Sun took that position in their front page stories subsequently. But as more and more photos were released into public domain, the newspapers soon changed their tune.

Netizens say the bathroom the Cecilia Cheung lookalike was photographed in looks like that of Edison Chen's as seen in his blog. She also sports the same belly ring, earring and tattoos as the real Cecilia Cheung. Various photography experts have also told the media that the pictures do not seem modified. Even the Hong Kong cops soon conceded that the pictures appear real.

Obviously, Shanghaiist is a respectable blog, and there is NO WAY we're telling you how to get a hold of those pics. (We've been told if you Google or Baidu hard enough, you will get what you want. Be careful of the viruses lurking out there when downloading stuff though!) Let's just say that after getting hold of the whole set of pics (including some high resolution ones), we found it hard to believe that the pics were doctored.

Our journalist friends (around the region) also tell us of how their colleagues have been gathering around computer monitors perving analysing the entire range of pictures together. Most of them appear to have made up their own minds. Among the exclamations frequently heard in offices and at lunch across Asia this week: "OMG! Cecilia is so hairy! She could use a shave!" and "Oh dear! He is so small!"

Edison Chen, currently in Boston, took a while to break the silence on his blog:

yes i have been silent and everyone thinks i am hiding but today there will be a press release and i hope u can all read from that and report the TRUTH and do some homework before trying to ruin someone’s life, cuz that is exactly whut u are all doing to me putting false statements on the FRONT PAGE sex photo scandal ever of newspapers and to others as well

In the latest video released yesterday, a contrite-looking Edison apologised to all the victims who've been "been affected by this strange, strange ordeal" and urged viewers in possession of those pictures to "please destroy them immediately". (And if you're wondering why Edison's speaking in English, he's Canadian)

That, unfortunately, may have come too little, too late. Reports are now saying that Gillian has attempted suicide following the scandal. And Cecilia's husband Nicholas Tse 谢霆锋 (who used to date Faye Wong 王菲), has threatened divorce, although his father Patrick Tse 谢贤 has since denied those rumours.

In the meanwhile, police have raided a computer store in Hong Kong and nabbed eight people in all, four of which are currently out on bail. How did these people get hold of the pictures you ask? Sing Pao has the answers [Translation by ESWN]:

According to an informed source close to the person who was the source of the photographs, several months ago Edison Chen sent his pink Apple Powerbook laptop to a Central computer shop for repairs. The technician made the accidental discovery that there were several hundred photographs and videos of Edison Chen and/pr more than a dozen celebrities/artistes (many of whom were listed by the media and netizens as prime suspects after the first photographs of Gillian Chung, Bobo Chan and Cecilia Cheung appeared), and he downloaded them onto his own computer.

The informed source said that the technician only intended to keep the material for his own enjoyment. Then one day he invited some friends over to his Ma On Shan apartment to play mahjong and he casually mentioned that he had some "good" stuff to show them. When his friends saw the material, they were astonished and lobbied him to post to the Internet. He did not want to do so himself, because he knew that Edison Chen has his contact information. So finally a female friend agreed to undertake the task of posting onto the Internet. That was how it happened.

Police also added that the nabbed computers contained some 1,300 racy private shots of celebrities, including six women, two of whom had yet to be identified. In the meanwhile, public sentiment appears to have turned against Edison, who is now accused as the culprit in the scandal. The Straits Times reports that in a 'Who's guilty in the photo scandal' poll on the Hong Kong Discuss Forum on Sunday, about 76 per cent of voters said the photographer was guilty and 12 per cent pointed to the ones who uploaded the photos. Police now need only get hold of Edison's computer to verify that he was actually the source of those pictures.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Youtube Hong Kong most viewed video

Youtube Hong Kong most viewed videos: Hillary Duff hot video
Forget about Alan November, macworld, bezurk, bebo and ron paul
Nothing you can find in facebook, iphone or myspace !

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hong Kong Youtube most viewed video 關於此影片

Hong Kong Youtube most viewed video

中學生親熱 (更多)
新增時間: 2008年01月07日 星期一
中學生親熱 (較少)
新增時間: 2008年01月07日 星期一
類別: 娛樂
標籤: 中學生親熱